Reworked a painting I did earlier this year. I felt like it could use some more texture and it was t


Only 8 full days left before the studio crawl... here's what I accomplished this week! ._._

Sooo much texture! 😍__In Bloom, 2016_Mixed media, 20 x 20 inches_._._

This painting matches the weather

My Heart

I just can't get enough of these colors!

Hanging up my brushes on this one

Happy New Year! I completed my first painting of 2016

Waters of Mars, 2015

Can I go live here___Emerald Skies__24x36___#emerald #painting #fineart #instaartist #fmgram #fargom

New pour tonight. I've been so busy these past 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll have a bit more free time soo

Spending my evening enjoying art and good company  _revlandgallery _These are 3 of my brightest and

She stared into the heart of the storm and found a moment of peace among the chaos. 💙💙💙_._._

Can you use alcohol ink on canvas_ Up until today, my answer would have been _no

Letting these beauties dry in the sun

The chilly temps over the weekend had me dreaming of warmer weather so naturally my palette had a lo

I promise you, this painting is even more stunning in person! _It's 20x20 inches and is on sale unti

Finished this one

This painting hung on the wall for a few weeks while I tried to figure out what it was missing

Getting this painting ready to go to _plainsartmuseum for the _fmvartists #studiocrawlpreview from S

Sometimes life gets messy and this week was the epitome of messy

Something in the Way You Move, 2016_Acrylic, 30_ x 40___#liquitex #acrylic #painting #fineart #insta

Thankful for the sunshine today so I can photograph my artwork

New 24_ x 24_ #pouredpainting made with _liquitexofficial Pouring Medium

When you're an abstract artist and someone suggests you paint a tribute to Prince, you use a lot of

Romance Isn't Dead

Don't these all look snazzy lined up for a photo_ _#painting #fineart #collection #artist #instaart

Finished this one last night

Sometimes you need a little bit of neon in your life! _#neon #bright #fluorescent #painting #abstrac

Sometimes you have to show your dark side

Send Me Home, 2016_Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 inches__#abstractart #modernart #contemporaryart #mnar

Something new

I was so tired when I got home this evening but decided to paint anyway

This painting took a turn in an unexpected yet rewarding direction

State of my Head, 2016_Acrylic and ink, 36x48__#liquitex #modernart #contemporaryart #texture #paint

This one consumed me, in the best way

Last shot of this one, I promise! ☺__Nectar, 2015_Alcohol ink on paper_11x14 inches_Image 6 of 6__#d

Sea Life, 2016_Alcohol ink on Yupo, 11x14_ _#alcoholink #mixedmedia #ocean #sea #underthesea #yupo #

Shipped this trio to Minneapolis today

I did some updating to my Etsy shop tonight & added this little stunner. I hope she finds a good hom

New acrylic & ink work.__When I started working on this painting a few weeks ago, I had a plan in mi

I adore the colors in this one. It's going to hang it in my living room until it sells

This one is a sweet match to my blue, green & yellow painting. It looked lonely so I thought I would

I adore my Liquitex Fluorescent Paint Markers! I don't use them often but when I do..

{the sky is falling}_acrylic & pouring medium #liquitex60th #pouringmedium #art #acrylic #sky #abstr

As with every piece I make, I'm going to sleep on this one before I consider it _finished_ but I rea

Finished this one yesterday. It feels familiar but is notably different from my previous work


 painting this {little} guy on a piece of tile. he's going to be part of a submission for an art pro

My client named this one {radioactive rain}, she said it reminds her of the apocalypse

New piece. The paint was barely dry when I handed it over to a friend to hang in a beautiful house o

I think I might be finished with this one now..

one of my faves! i worked on paperwork {& caught up on some MUCH needed sleep} the last few days so

the one painting i wish i would have kept

{this time around} ~ my first large~scale, mixed media piece

the universe has always been an inspiration to me. it's forever changing and is so {mysterious}

AutumnInDecember_#autumnindecember #art #tree #3 #instaartist #nofilter #acrylic #painting #pa

My sweet hummingbird

I'm super excited to drop these paintings off tomorrow at the Memorial Union Gallery for the FMVA Ju

Piece #2 done for The SQRm for The Uptown Gallery___uptowngalleryfargo _#artsy #cosmic #pouringmediu

Another pour tonight. This time I used colors inspired by the ocean. I hope to make it back there so

{heart strings} by_ Ashley Kunz_sold this piece to my good friend, Krista

{island in the sky} ~ one of my personal favorites

Gosh, these are just too cute! They are all ready to go to the Holiday Partner Party on Thursday wit

this was a trial run for a new style

_liquitex_usa ~ there is something {magical} about this one, it feels like a galactic winter scene..


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