What Would I Be Without You
The Big Sleep
Rainy Day Bouquet
Neverland Meets Emerald City
Free Fall
Holding On
Be Still My Heart
Find My Way Back Home
Float On
Chasing After Dreamers, 2017, 20x20inches
Heart of the Storm 24x24 inches
Gold Rush. I love the way the gold glows against the turquoise and white. ._._
Is it too early to name this one after Fall Out Boy's new song, Heaven's Gate_ I've been listening t
I know this is a little different from my usual style but sometimes I need to step outside of my com
I'm so sad the weekend is over but I'm happy I spent so much time painting!_._._
I purchased some new studio lights so I can take better, more color-accurate photos.jpgHere's a side
Details of a painting I did last week
When you are doing what you love, work is never really _work_._._._
I can't remember what the title is for this one but since I'm too tired to paint tonight, I'm going
Delivered this painting tonight to a client (and good friend!)
Monday has a high of -6° and I'm going to hide under my blankets. Baby, it's too cold outside. ._._
Just a reminder that this painting is up for bid. 20% of the sale price will be donated to CATS Crad
Living in a fantasy._._._
No time to paint tonight so I'll share this one from a few weeks ago. I'm off to bed early!_._._
Happy Valentines Day! This painting is titled _Be Still My Heart_ so I thought it would be fitting f
I used _liquitexofficial Muted Collection on this one. I adore the colors in This collection. Seriou
Shared this one to my Facebook earlier today. I'll be filling your IG this weekend with works in pro
_Free Fall__24x24 inches_._._.__Made with Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics and inks ._._._._
This is the painting I created last weekend during the FMVA Studio Crawl
Finished this painting the other day. 😊 ._._._
Dropping this painting off at Plains Art Museum later this week for the FMVA Studio Crawl Preview. _
Had to crop this a bit to get it to fit in IG but this is one of my faves. ._._._
Love these 2 together! ._._
A few more shots of the painting I posted earlier. _What Would I Be Without You__._._
I started working on this one the other night when I was waiting for a storm to come in
This feels more like _me_
This is one one my favorite newer paintings._._._
Be one with nature
Reworked a painting I did earlier this year. I felt like it could use some more texture and it was t
I finished this one and started another
Taking pictures outside today because it is soooo sunny! 🌞
This painting is still available. It's 24x48_. It would look great above a sofa or headboard. ❤_._._
Sold this one today!_._._
This is the painting I worked on yesterday during the Hawley Art Show. I brought it home last night
Do what makes you happy. ._._

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