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commission a custom painting

Are you looking for a custom painting to match your home or office? I would love to create something special just for you! When you commission artwork from me, you can feel confident that I will do everything possible to make sure your custom painting is perfect!

Customization doesn't stop at colors! Here are some of the options for custom work:



I can create paintings as small as 4x4 inches and can go as big as needed to make sure the painting fits in your home or business perfectly! I have created work that was larger than six feet and would be happy to go even bigger!



I have texture boards available so you can see (and feel!) different textures to determine what would work best for you in your space.


and of course, color

Did you know that everyone sees colors differently? Screens can also show colors different depending on the color settings and brightness of the screen. The lighting in a room can affect how we perceive colors.

During your consultation, I will photograph items that you would like me to color-match. If you would rather send me photographs, I ask that you photograph the area with as much natural light as possible.

If requested, I would be happy to create color boards for the project so you can choose your own colors. If you would like to see color boards, please let me know 2 days prior to our appointment.

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